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    At Miller Street Law we are committed to helping your business succeed. We provide a resourceful representation with the experience you need to achieve the results you are looking for.

    Small & Medium Business Legal Services
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    We look after your legal requirements with the same pride you take in looking after your farm. From buying a farm to ensuring you are protected as you grow, we are with you all the way.

    Farming & Agriculture Legal Services
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    We are passionate about helping you simplify the process so you can achieve a fast, satisfactory outcome.

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Clarity / Competence / Trust

A broader perspective

At times, life can seem like a big puzzle with a missing piece. This is when we look for someone to help us connect the dots and complete the bigger picture. At Miller Street Law we are passionate about helping you achieve the outcome you are looking for by the fastest, simplest and most efficient means.

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Areas of Practice

> Business Set Up
> Leases
> Franchising
> Buying/Selling
> Contracts

> Buying/Selling
> Commercial Property
> Development
> Body Corporate/Strata Title
> Contracts/Special Conditions
> Property Leases

> Buying/Selling
> Structure
> Succession Planning
> Protecting your Farm
> Loans/Funding
> Leases

> Wills
> Enduring Powers of Attorney
> Testamentary Trusts
> Estates
> Professional Legal Advice

What our clients say about us.

“Rahel took care of all the legal aspects of buying my house so that everything went very smoothly. She gave me good advice and asked pertinent questions of the agents on my behalf, ensuring that everything was completed in a timely and thoroughly satisfactory manner.

Dot Whitfield


“Rahel sorted out all the legal aspects for buying our first home in Australia. Prompt, professional and communicated with her ever cheerful, supportive attitude. No drawn out legal jargon, just clear valuable advice and all the paper work sorted. A breeze.”

Ralph & Pam Tyrrell


“Rahel made setting up our business a breeze by providing us with really good legal advice, in a timely fashion, when time was everything. Thanks Rahel. Highly recommend!”

Clarence Bere


“Miller Street Law helped me with a Lease on a commercial premises. Excellent advice delivered in plain English. I would highly recommend Miller Street Law.”

Craig Vaughan